2+2 Seat Golf Cart

  • SPG Lory Cart 2+2 seat Solar Golf

    SPG Lory Cart 2+2 seat Solar Golf

    Reflection and refresh as you go. Discover the moments and green that take fatigue away with this Lory 2+2 Solar Golf cart. Forward or reverse, let Lory take you to your next destination for the next perfect shot with 20 yard more in a swing! With comfortable cushion seats and specially -tailored steering wheel, moving on the green can never be easier and smoother.

    Passenger Car Seat belts and bumper cushion make your ride smooth and secure.

    Equipped with 7″ LCD screen, Lory shows everything within the court or everything in the outside world right in this cart.
    With a SPG solar system and a choice of lithium battery packs, this Lory will take you on a getaway you will not forget. Bold dashboard display, cupholder for even jumbo size softs and designer’ front head, Lory 2-Seat Golf Cart is to set you apart.

    Didn’t we tell you that SPG patented Solar System refills the lithium battery juicy while you are swinging a perfect shot?