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Solar Power Glory Technology Ltd. (SPG) established in 2020 in Beijing, now we have branches in Hong Kong, Tokyo, the US and Singapore (TBE). SPG was founded with a vision to unplug all EVs, "by degrees" as our efficiency increases and the weight of vehicles decreases. We believe as the Era of Autonomous Driving coming, all vehicles will be able to seek power themselves like horses, and run to destination without plugging and charging.

SPG is remodeling and manufacturing start-up. We do not make concept solar cars, but only solar vehicles that can demonstrate the effect of solar, affordable to all. We are now offering premium quality solar golf carts and solar delivery cars.

Our business success builds upon close partnership with large car makers and jointly develop Solar Edition Cars based on their existing, tested vehicle models. We often become the sole or major distributor of the jointed-developed Solar Vehicle. Now we work with Greenman factory (Huaian) on solar golf carts and Joylong Automobile on solar delivery vans. We have proudly supplied our solar cars to customers from America, Japan and Australia, the Philippines, Albania, S. Korea, Turkmenistan and Turkey. We are working hard to cover all regions of the world, empowering more people with our solar technology.

Our solar cars are featured in 1. Solar powering system, which allows for long distance traveling without wall charging. 2. net zero carbon emission for the entire vehicle (ongoing mission), we use premium quality aluminum for chassis so it may be recycled in decades, never go rusty. 3. module parts assembly and skateboard chassis allowing for flexible supply chain manufacturing in the Yangtze Delta region, further reducing the cost and carbon emission of car making. 



In order to supply more vehicles, especially high-speed EVs with solar power, we are developing a new type of car body material called SolarSkin. We are now supplier of solar system to car makers on their exported cars, and we are also jointly developing EVs covered with SolarSkin materials.

We see a world without wires or charging, pure clean SPG solar vehicles running automatically with free and 100% green energy like our living stocks.

I am sure you will like it.