4 Seat Solar Golf Cart

  • SPG Lory Cart 4 seat Solar Golf Cart

    SPG Lory Cart 4 seat Solar Golf Cart

    Tee time? Team time? Both! Lory 4-Seat Golf Cart, with room for 4 passengers to embark your effortless adventures! Equipped with a 7″ LCD screen, Lory shows everything within the game court or everything in the outside world rat your finger tips. With a SPG solar system and a choice of lithium battery packs, this Lory will take you on a getaway you will not forget. Lory 4-seat solar golf cart frames on an all-aluminum framework, allowing for all-weather and climate usage, sand, salt, mist cannot rust Lory.

    Hitting the road with grins on faces, about the perfect shot just hit or the birdie just accomplished. Good things happen under the solar roof of this Lory 4 Seats. Equipped with SPG patented solar system, Lory 4-Seats refills its lithium battery without you even realizing it – while you four are laughing on the road, while you are hitting the next perfect shot again in a row.

    Lory 4-seat Solar Golf Cart, a combination of technology and classic design, is sure to set you apart and remark your success and happiness at the Tee time and Team time.