Manufacture Facility

Solar Power Glory Technology Ltd. (Beijing) is founded with a simple belief that we could design a solar golf cart, that better met the needs of the customer than any other cart that's on the market, and never need to plug-in.

Manufacture Facility
Manufacture Facility1

Factory Panorama

Based on China's strong supply chain capabilities, we can choose the best components from all the suppliers in China. Today, SPG golf carts are manufactured by Greenman.

We have electric cart production workshop covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters, not only large-scale production equipment and processing centers, but also a team of nearly 200 people including design, production, and QC.

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Two main characteristics of SPG carts are flexible solar system and aluminum alloy chassis. We are the only supplier who combine the two together to make a green energy, lifetime warrantied golf cart.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy material is much higher than that of carbon steel material, which can effectively slow down the corrosion damage of lead acid electrolyte, wet environment, and climate on the chassis, this is the foundation of lifetime warranty. Firmer, safer and more reliable.

Manufacture Facility8
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Aluminum Alloy Chassis Inventory

The annual production capacity is more than 3,500 units, and the annual monthly inventory is more than 300 units, to ensure the supply of carts on time.

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Supply Ability

Rigorous testing is carried out before each product goes off the assembly line. Test includes washboard road, pebble road, sharp turn, ramp four road conditions. The test section was designed with reference to the highest standards for passenger carts. The test cart runs continuously on the test road surface under full load and full charge. The basic data of the cart was measured and recorded in every 5 charging and discharging cycles. The whole test period is 80 hours. After all the tests are completed, the final data of the test cart will be measured and recorded, and the cart will be disassembled to check the wear condition of chassis, suspension and wearing parts, and only when it gets to our standard can the cart officially go off the production line.