Hello Australia! SPG delivers solar golf carts to Brisbane

SPG recently delivers a fleet of Solar golf Carts to Brisbane. After Japan, the US, the Philippines, and Albania, SPG enters another continent proudly with its patented solar golf carts.

SPG makes solar golf carts. By working with the highest quality golf cart makers, SPG design solar golf carts based on mature cart models. SPG utilizes premium quality recyclable aluminum materials as the chassis material, with a heart to build everything with a goal of net-zero.

SPG Solar Golf Cart integrates patented solar materials on top, designed cart roof, along with tailored powering system. By reducing the storage of battery, SPG Solar golf carts relies on solar to supply power while it is exposed to sunshine. It also saves battery investment and maintenance costs. With 340w of solar on top, SPG Solar Golf Cart can run for months without charging statistically (contingent upon weather and daily mileage). For Australian customers, this is a great solution for golf players.

In addition to its creation of clean solar power, SPG Solar Golf Cart is approaching net carbon zero during its manufacturing. SPG selects Greenman as its OEM factory, which is a highly environment responsible company. SPG designs with all aluminum chassis, where the aluminum materials are from recycled materials and the chassis can be recycled in years. Actually, a cart delivered 13 years ago today still finds that its chassis can be reused by installing recent assembled parts on the chassis. Other than chassis, SPG designs the carts with the goal to achieve net-zero-carbon as the goal. In collaboration with suppliers, SPG is replacing its plastic and leather parts with natural materials such as recycled plastics and coconut fiber.
SPG Solar Golf Cart builds on skateboard chassis and assembled parts, which allows for fast assemble and easy replacement. This design meets the need of Australian market, for it allows for quick replacement when needed.

SPG works closely with suppliers on optimizing the supply chain. By utilizing the skateboard chassis, SPG aims at further reducing the cost of its solar golf carts by adopting flexible supply chain.

SPG wishes to supply everybody in this world with its proudly made solar Vehicles.

Hello Australia! SPG delivers solar golf carts to Brisbane1
Hello Australia! SPG delivers solar golf carts to Brisbane2

Post time: Jun-03-2019