Solar Power Glory Delivers Solar EV to Japanese Nursing Homes

SPG delivers its Solar K Car to Japan last week. Based on existing model of EM3, SPG works closely with the car maker Joylong in presenting the SPG Solar Car. SPG Solar EM3 is designed too accommodate the elders and handicapped by offering revolving seats in cars. Equipped with solar system patented by SPG, this car can essentially run without charging given the fact that this car is used in Japan for short-trip transportation of passengers, at a daily range of 20 to 30 kms. 

Solar Power Glory1

SPG received the order from Japanese customer earlier this year, who inquired about customized EVs based on Chinese premium quality supply chain, with revolving seats as an option. The car will be utilized by Japanese nursing homes to pick up and deliver the elders between their homes and the nursing homes. In Japan, nursing homes offer the so-called day-care services - the elders go to the nursing homes in the day time, picked up by the nursing home drivers, and they are sent back home at dawn.

Such a model has been mature in Japan. According to a senior professional in Elder nursing industry, Ms. Kosugi Tobai, "This business option allows the elders to be taken care in the day by the professionals, while they can still join family at night. This suits the emotional needs for the elders, and also making nursing homes affordable for more." noted by Ms. Kosugi.

A car is the key tool in this business model. Such a car must be easy for the elders to move in and out and also it must offer them secured and comfortable travel experiences, even at short distances. In addition, this car must meet the definition of Japanese K Car, which limits the width of the vehicle to 1480mm. Plus, of course, this vehicle is better to be electric, to further lower the maintenance cost and to maintain the tranquility and cleanness of Japanese neighborhood.

Upon receiving this order, SPG organized its best team from the premium supply chain of China, including the vehicle maker, revolving seat maker and power expert from SPG. By modifying the car interior so revolving doors can be installed and easy for the elders to move in and out. SPG team also changed the powering system to allow for safer voltage in Japan.

This Solar EV is installed with SPG’s established system of Solar Powering System with 96V Lithium battery, allowing for unplug charging for weeks or months if it runs for less than 20kms per day, which is the distance for nursing homes to operate in Japan.

It also has two manual revolving seats (one right and one left), and an automatic revolving seat, which is designed for the elders who needs more help in transporting.

SPG Solar EV with revolving seats were finished within 3 months and has been delivered to Japan. It will be shown to hundreds of nursing home practitioners in East Japan region.

It is estimated that as population aging, Japan will have a market for over 50, 000 EVs for the nursing home industry.

SPG, with its technology in solar system and wide experience in solar car making, and also extensive collaboration with supply chain in China, is working with its Japanese customers to tap into the EV market in Japan. SPG and partners are launching VaaS (vehicle-as-a-service) product to allow end users to pay as they receive the service.

Post time: Jul-06-2022