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The buyer shall read the user manual carefully and use the product in accordance with the operation method specified in the  instruction  manual. Inside the warranty period of the product, the quality problem that produces because of product material, manufacture or design problem, sell er commitment executes qualitative guarantee to corresponding component, but do not assume joint liability.

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Warranty Object and duration

All warranty terms start from the date of delivery:

Aluminum Alloy Frame (Golf Cart) Lifetime (Non-Human Damages)
Carbon Steel Frame (Ute) 2 Years (Non-Human Damages)
Solar System
Steering Knuckle
Toyota Controller
Leaf Spring
Rear Axle
Lithium Battery
Vulnerable Parts. Wheel Assembly, Brake Shoe, Brake Wire, Windshield, Brake Return Spring, Accelerator Return Spring, Seat, Fuse, Rubber Parts, Plastic Parts, Bearing Spare Parts Available
Other Parts 1 Year

Your satisfaction is all we wish for. Let us know what you want and how we can do better. We will make sure you are satisfied, or your money back. As a norm, we offer spared parts for wear-and-tear parts. You can also find a local partner in your country for spared parts.

We try to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair when designing the car so you can do not have to worry about spending a lot of maintaining and repair.

One more thing, the all-aluminum chassis not only has life-time warranty, it also comes with a service to reuse by replacing worn parts on old chassis. Our oldest chassis of 13 years is still working with new plastic parts replaces.

At SPG, we work all we can to make sure you will like it.

SPG Warranty2
SPG Warranty3

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, and all related goods shall be paid by the buyer if the seller's assistance is required:
1. Damage caused by failure to operate and maintain according to the operating instructions.
2. Damage caused by not using original accessories.
3. Damage caused by modification without the permission of the seller,
4. Damage caused by exceeding the maximum carrying capacity.
5. Damage caused by force majeure.
6.  Compensation for all kinds of accidents or vehicle collisions.
7. Fading and rust caused by normal use.
8. Damage caused by improper transportation.
9. Damage caused by improper protection of storage facilities, unqualified external power supply and other reasons.

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