SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service

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Various customized services for SolarSkin materials:
Customization of PV chips: SolarSkin is made of PC material with reinforced surface. High efficiency CIGS or Flexible-C-Si PV chips can be embedded. In addition, the electrical performance parameters can also be customized.
Size Customization: The size of conventional PC board is 1.22×2.44m. If other specifications exceed this size, please inquire us for details. The strength of the material depends on the thickness, which can be also customized.
Surface Customization: The surface patterns of the panel can be customized, such as frosting, various embossing, etc.

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Color Customization: The colored appearance is achieved by coating reflection film technology, and the reflection color can be adjusted. The color is gorgeous and gradually changing with light.
Customization of bending shape: SolarSkin material can be simply bent under the operating equipment and parameters certified by SPG. Similar to paper folding, the material can be bending as customization.
Customization by mold shaping: It can be customized for most curved shapes by using a set of aluminum mold with heating bending process.

The product is very suitable for vehicle manufacturing industry. It is featured in lightweight and high strength material.
SolarSkin products are processed from flexible photovoltaic chips and polymer materials. The surface material is reinforced PC material with high transmission rate. It has the characteristics of being unbreakable. The PC material with the same thickness has the strength of 2.5 to 3 times the thickness of tempered glass. Therefore, the SolarSkin is more strength and lighter than conventional vehicle skins. It can greatly reduce the weight of vehicle skin materials with increased strength.

For Colors, the following photos show a blue color reflection. There are two C-Si chips and some CIGS chips embedded separately with difference surface appearance.

SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service1
SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service2

A bending practice for the SolarSkin material

SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service3

Since the process is still under developing, we hope cooperation with you for making more shapes, just like paper folding. 

Application case

SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service4

There is an illustration application on a RANGE ROVER SUV. This application only substituted some part of the engine cover.

Firstly, we made a curved SolarSkin panel as designed.

Secondly, we removed some metal part of the engine cover. Made an opening area just suitable for the PV material.

SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service5
SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service6

Finally, we installed the SolarSkin module on the engine cover and cleaned up.

Additionally, we made some alternation for the rest area of the engine cover using carbon fiber stickers for personalized modification.

SolarSkin PV module for vehicles with customized service7

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